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Return Policy

Wish connects users with stores from all over the world. As a user, when you place an order on Wish, you create a transaction with an independent store, facilitated by Wish.

A transaction is created when a user completes the checkout process on Wish. Both the user and the store are notified by Wish about the order and a record is created of the transaction. A transaction is considered complete once the user has submitted payment and the store has shipped the product to the user.

Wish aims to keep the shopping experience consistent across its website; however, since each store is an independent from Wish, there may be some differences between stores. Each merchant may have their own specific policies for things like returns, exchanges, and custom orders; these merchant policies may not conflict with Wish's site-wide policies. Additionally, please take note that third-party services may be involved in a transaction (for example: PayPal, shipping services), and these other services may have different policies regarding transactions or use of their services.

In the case of a refund, Wish is able to refund a transaction only to the credit card, debit card or PayPal account used for that transaction. Wish is not able to issue refunds to different cards, to different accounts, by check, or by any other means.

If a refund is issued to a cancelled card, it is the user's responsibility to inform his or her bank of the incoming refund and provide the information necessary to re-route the payment to their new card or bank. If a refund is issued to a card whose number or expiration date has changed, the bank should be able to handle this internally. Wish cannot be held liable for issues related to canceled cards; it is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that they can receive the refund in the account for their card.

If a refund is issued to a prepaid card, most issuers should be able to process the refund back to the original card. Even if the original card is missing, the issuer may be able to create a new card linked to that account if user has retained their receipts and card number. It is the user’s responsibility to hold onto the account details for the prepaid account.

In the case of a return, the store is the entity who may accept and facilitate a return. A return is an agreement between the buyer and the store. Wish is not liable for the cost of return shipment.

Buyer best practices

As a user on Wish, you can take steps to help create a smooth transaction:

  • Use the contact store feature to communicate about any questions, special details or problems.
  • Read the listing details and the help page before purchasing.
  • Provide an accurate shipping address during checkout.
  • Before returning an item, contact the store. (Not all stores accept returns.)
  • In the event of a return, retain proof of shipping and/or delivery confirmation that includes the date and recipient's address (at least the city/state or zip code).
  • In the event of a dispute, use the contact store feature to communicate with the store directly.
Transaction concerns or disputes

We hope that your experience on Wish is smooth and hassle-free. In the event of a problem with a transaction, Wish encourages the user and store to resolve the situation through the contact store feature. The user may use this feature for the following issues:

  • Non-delivery: user never receives an order that has been marked as shipped and that has not been cancelled or refunded
  • Product not as described: the product received is significantly different from the original listing
  • Product is damaged or defective: the product received is not in acceptable, working condition

It is in Wish's best interest that all concerns are resolved. If the user is unable to resolve an issue directly with a store, the user may contact Wish for help in resolving any issues.

Transaction cancellation

Stores agree to complete valid transactions. On occasion, a store may need to cancel a transaction for various reasons, including but not limited to availability/stock, user request, or invalid shipping destination.

If a user would like to cancel an order, the user should contact the store via the contact store feature to request cancellation. Product returns may be subject to an individual store’s policies and whether the item has shipped.

The store may cancel or refund a transaction, as defined by these circumstances:

  • Both the user and store agree to cancel the transaction prior to shipment. The store refunds the user (price paid for item plus shipping).
  • The store has stopped service to the user (e.g., because an item is out of stock or the store cannot ship to the user's address). The store refunds the user (price paid for item plus shipping).
  • The user paid for the order. Although the store shipped the order, the user does not receive the order. The store agrees to refund the user (price paid for item at minimum).
  • The user paid, the store shipped the order, and the user receives the order. Then the user and store agree the user can return the item to the store for a refund. The store receives the returned product(s), and the store refunds the user (price paid for item at minimum).
Last Updated: March 26, 2014